Cut out the worrying in any audition!

Look, let's face it...we all get nervous at different times during auditions because we really want the job. At time, it's as if we are directly focused on trying to impress just the Casting Directors, and we naturally continue to worry about what the Casting Director is thinking because we don't want to embarrass ourselves or make mistakes. 

Over the years, I have learned as an Actor there is so much that happens behind the scenes with the production to include the casting process. Those discussions and decisions are totally beyond the control of any Actor that auditions!! If you think about it, that's a pressure relief, because what is left?  See the 6 tips on ways you can be well-prepared to execute a strong audition:

  • You can just focus on doing a masterful job with the text you prepared!
  • Don't bring to the character what you think the Casting Directors want to see or hear. Bring your natural self to the character using your individual, emotional intelligence. Otherwise, the audition has high chances looking fake!
  • Improvise different emotions the audition sides/scenes call for such as cool, calm, anger laughter or an emotional mixture, and bring that same emotion back to the text of your sides/scenes. Repeatedly using this process will keep you on track to sounding real.
  • Workshops are expensive, right?  No matter if you get the part or if you didn't, use each audition experience as a way to educationally learn the business, as legitimate auditions are free, and it's better to always learn hands-on.  You nailing two birds with one stone. Repetitiously, you will learn what works and what doesn't work through the concept trial and error.
  • Transform your fears into energy and motivation to do better next time if you happen to not get the part! What doesn't get you down makes you stronger!! Rejection is like calories. They're both fuel for energy in order to achieve your goals.
  • And finally, breathe...relax...and have fun, because the camera will catch your true, genuine self minus any fake impressions.