Takes and Choices

Ever been on a set and a scene requires countless takes? That’s happened to me so many times over the years. If it’s happened to you, a follow-up question is…are you more worried about consistency in each take so each acting choice you make on-camera is the same, or are you willing to take risks and make a different choice in each take? My professional advice is to go with the latter! Most productions will have crew members assigned to worry about the continuity from one take of a scene to another. If you happen to spot for example a disconnect in continuity from one angle shot to another that a designated crew member perhaps did not catch, it’s alright to bring your courteous observation to the attention of the Director. However, it should be professionally mature and occasional. Don’t allow your energy to be misdirected.

By creatively inventing a different choice with each take, you are not only widening your range as an Actor, but you are adding more exciting flavors to the project thereby making the Editor’s job enthusiastically challenging. Overall, Editors/Directors/Producers do not want to slot forced scenes or even cut out scenes if they serve a significant purpose due to any projected, mild talent. Give them more than they can chew…that’s my unsolicited advice.