Fight or Flight (2016)

Good Afternoon Fans,

I wanted to take an opportunity to share this short film I had the privilege of acting in called Fight or Flight. This film was filmed entirely in Orlando, Florida. The sole purpose of this film is to raise awareness against domestic violence of women. More importantly, violence in general should never be tolerated nor accepted regardless of the environment or situation a man or a woman is in. Low self-esteem and insecurity are two out of many idiosyncrasies that often suppresses one's courage to get out of nasty, violent situations as seen in this film. It's rare to find an unconditionally committed and motivated cast and crew, as I worked with in this film. All of the characters involved unquestionably stepped outside of the box to deliver performances that were raw, intimidating and authentic. Outstanding job!!!

NOTE: This film was extremely challenging and tough to watch but a necessary one in order to spread awareness and exposure in preventing this mental disorder. Viewer discretion is advised, as this film contains strong, adult content. The film is available for you to click below. 


James Burleson